Saunas in Rio
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Club 117
Rua Candido Mendes, 117 - Gloria
Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20241-220, Brasil
Rua Dias da Rocha 83 Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22051-020, Brazil
Rua Ubaldino do Amaral, 50
Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20231-016, Brazil
Le Boy Fitness
Rua Raul Pompeia, 102 - Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22080-000, Brasil
Point 202
Rua Siqueira Campos, 202 - Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22031-070, Brazil
Rio G Spa
Rua Teixeira de Melo, 16 - Ipanema
Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22410-010, Brasil
Projeto SB
Rua Dezenove de Fevereiro, 162 - Botafogo
Studio 64
Rua Redentor, 64 - Ipanema
Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22421-030, Brazil
Termas Leblon
Rua Barão da Torre, 522 - Ipanema
Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22411-002, Brasil

A to Z Directory of Gay Saunas in Rio

Sauna Name Description More
Club 117 well run gay sauna offering More
Copacabana Copacabana gay sauna is right facing the beach More
Gaylígola is not a gay sauna it’s a gay sex club More
Le Boy Fitness gay sauna is on the top floor of Le Boy bar More
Meio Mundo very popular with local boys and men More
Point 202 friendly relaxed place with hot friendly escorts More
Rio G Spa a little more up market then some of the gay saunas More
Projeto SB new gay sauna in the Botafogo aria More
Studio 64 a small gay sauna popular with mussel guys More
Termas Leblon popular with daddy’s and guys looking for daddy’s More

Rio Gay Sauna Guide

A Guide to Saunas and Cruising IN Rio!

Gay men’s saunas are also an integral part of the social scene in Rio de Janeiro, and can be found throughout the city. They are divided into two basic categories: those with shows and “boys” (male prostitutes) and those without. Many gay publications divide saunas accordingly, as “com boys” (with boys) or “sem boys” (without boys)—so you can choose the ambience you prefer.

There are perhaps 20 gay saunas in Rio at any given time; most are busiest 6-10pm, and close by midnight. None requires membership. Pay the entry fee, massage charges, and bar tab as you leave; escorts get cash. Many have a social club atmosphere, and men often come just for drinks, to play cards, to relax and chat. For those wanting sensual diversions, most places have private cabins, and some have independent lads who romp for pay. Masseurs are house-employed, offering deep muscle therapeutic relief. Bring your own lube and condoms, but flip-flops and towels are provided.

Club 117, Rua Cândido Mendes 117, Glória. Tel: 2252-0160. One of the liveliest saunas in the “show and boys” category, with three levels. One of the biggest saunas in the city, it's clean, with private en-suite rooms as well as cubicles. It also has 'working boys', sexy escorts in red towels vie for your favors and cash. Leave your valuables at home.

Studio 64, Rua Redentor 64, Ipanema. Tel: 2523-5670. Housed in a lovely old home, this male-only sauna opens daily at 3 P.M. (without “boys” or shows).

Termas Leblon has been serving Rio's men for over four decades and still stands today as the city's best sauna. It's very clean and includes a beauty salon.

Bonsucesso (Rua Bonsucesso, 252/A -Bonsucesso), cabins, steam and dry sauna, dark room, tanning room, masseurs.

Club 29 (Rua Prof. Alfredo Gomes, 29 -Botafogo), cabins, dry and steam saunas, masseurs, cyber cafe with WiFi.

Club Gayligola (Rua Ubaldino do Amaral, 50 -downtown) gay sex club, dark room, video room, erotic lounge, no escorts.

Copacabana Sauna (Rua Dias da Rocha, 83 -Copa), cabins, dry and steam saunas, swimming pool, beauty spa, dark room, masseurs.

Kabalk (Rua Santa Luiza, 459 - Maracana), cabins, dry and steam saunas, beauty salon, dark room, masseurs.

Le Boy Fitness (Rua Raul Pompeia, 102 -Copa), cabins, dry and steam saunas, workout area, dark room. Open 3pm - 4am, free access to Le Boy dance club.

Nuova Spazio (Rua Santo Amaro, 18 -Glória), cabins, dry and steam saunas, bar, food, stripper shows, enthusiastic escorts, many builds, and complexions.

Point 202 (Rua Siqueira Campos, 202 -Copa), dry and steam sauna, cabins, TV/video lounge, snack bar, massage, VIP Boys escorts

Projeto SB (Rua Dezenove de Fevereiro, 162 -Botafogo), comfortable modern facilities, cabins, dry and steam saunas, Jacuzzi, dark room, cyber cafe, therapeutic massage.

Rio G Spa (Rua Teixeira de Mello, 16 -Ipanema), all-modern steam/sauna, spa facilities, therapeutic massage, facials, dark room, cinema, internet..

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